How AI is helping UC San Diego Health lower its sepsis mortality rate

May 8, 2023

by Naomi Diaz


UC San Diego Health is using artificial intelligence in the emergency department to analyze bedside and EHR data to predict which patients are most at risk for developing sepsis, La Jolla Light reported May 6.

"We implemented this algorithm six months ago, and in our emergency department in the last six months we've had the lowest observed [versus] expected mortality and sepsis that we've ever seen at UC San Diego Health," Christopher Longhurst, MD, chief medical officer and chief digital officer of UC San Diego Health, told the publication.

The health system is also using AI to predict which patients will develop bowel obstructions after surgery and is working on studying how AI responds to patient messages.  

Every new application of these tools, according to Dr. Longhurst, will generate its own set of notices, and the health system is working on building a new center for digital information and artificial intelligence that can house the organization's digital information it is gathering through these various programs and pilots."