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We are a team of clinicians, health IT experts,
and machine learning scientists, united by our shared passion for improving healthcare.

We bring state-of-the-art supervised and generative AI systems to the patient bedside at scale.

Critical illnesses

take too many lives.


AI digital solutions

will change that.

Critical illnesses take too many lives.

Our clinical decision support will change that.

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Our Vision

At Healcisio, we believe in improving actionable data on an individual basis through deeper insight into physiological systems, health, and disease.

We accomplish this through the application of multivariate, multiscale, and multimodal signal processing and machine learning.

What exactly we do

01/ Early Detection of Adverse Events

Our deep learning model for the early prediction of sepsis is improving patient outcomes at UC San Diego Health.

02/ Learning Healthcare Systems

We reduce feedback loops in hospital quality initiatives by enabling real-time tracking of CMS clinical quality measures.

03/ Hospital Cost Optimization

We reduce the cost of healthcare by enabling targeted and elastic deployment of interventions on specific patient subgroups.

04/ Vigilant Information Seeking

We have developed the first clinical AI system that can actively order assessments & biomarkers to improve the diagnostic process.

05/ Outpatient Monitoring

Our personal health companion leverages generative AI, conversational agents, and consumer wearables to prevent hospital readmissions.

Making a difference at multiple hospitals

COMPOSER helped us improve our SEP-1 bundle compliance and achieve our lowest sepsis mortality ever.

Physician Testimonial

Jacobs Medical Center


Healcisio's COMPOSER was very helpful in the treatment of this patient. It led me to re-evaluate
the patient, increase the frequency of vital sign checks, and initiate a protocol to code sepsis.

RN Testimonial

Hillcrest Emergency Department


It seems like a bit of a mixed picture given the GI symptoms, CRP, BNP elevation, and +IgG... All that being said, Healcisio's KIDMATCH nailed it with 8.5% MIS-C [Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children] likelihood and 98.8% KD [Kawasaki Disease].

Physician Testimonial

Rady Children's Hospital


Care units our early prediction systems monitor

Patients our technology has helped

Automated patient monitoring


Care units our early prediction systems monitor


Patients our technology has helped


Automated patient monitoring

Peer-Reviewed Evidence

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Meet our team

Aaron Boussina


Dr. Chris Josef

Clinical Innovation

Viki Huang


Jonathan Lam

Data Science

Dr. Shamim Nemati

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Atul Malhotra

Clinical Advisor

Dr. Supreeth Shashikumar

AI Advisor

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